Sunday, November 16, 2008

irrational pregnancy hormones...

got the best of me last night.

pooks hair is beautiful curls. i love them. i've never cut it very short because i value his curly hair that much. well last night, i'd had enough of his curls.

first of all, the kid always puts food in his hair. pizza sauce, mashed potatos, messiness after eating watermelon, sticky rice, peanut butter and jelly--he has no stopping point. its a total pain in the ass to clean out. last night we ate barbeque chicken, talk about a mess!

secondly, washing it. you have to really soap his hair up with shampoo, then rinse AT LEAST 4 times because the soap gets all mixed up in the curls. then after his shower you have to try to comb the tangles out which is another process because he doesn't sit still. so B has to hold him while I attempt to comb his hair. not fun for anyone involved.

lastly, the hair pulling. the boys are finally getting to that age where i guess brothers will just be brothers. they hit eachother for no reason, push eachother down, play tug of war with a toy and ultimately it ends by pulling eachother's hair. when pooks pulls bubbas hair, i'm sure it hurts but he doesn't actually pull hair out...bubba does. he'll yank pooks' hair so hard that he will actually have a lock of hair in his hand. pooks is bawling, bubba is mad because hair is stuck to his hand and i'm left there thinking ''what the hell are they doing to eachother?"

so you can see where this is going right? last night i was tired, i didn't feel good, i'd been having contractions, i'd broken up several of their little fights and i was over it. B dried pooks off, handed him over to me and i set him in the sink to let him play with the faucet and his toothbrush. meanwhile i grabbed the shears and went to town. i didn't measure or use a comb, just my fingers and the shears. overall, given the circumstances and the fact that the whole thing took 5 minutes i don't think it turned out to shabby.



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  1. His hair looks real nice. You did a fantastic job. I am glad to see that he still has curls.



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