Sunday, November 23, 2008

for your viewing enjoyments....

more pictures!

peanut snoozing (still in the hospital)

bubba holding peanut for the 1st time at home

pooks wouldn't hold him, but he would give kisses....
all the lil tic tacs

when we left the hospital on friday, peanut's biliruben levels were on the high end of normal. they went ahead and let us come home, with orders to come back saturday morning for a re-check. if his levels had raised, he would have to stay in the hospital under phototherapy lights. (just like bubba had to do as a newborn).

well when i took him yesterday morning and his levels had rised but the doctor felt that it was something we could monitor at home. obviously if they had been TOO high, that wouldn't have been an option. my instructions were to feed on demand or every 3 hours (peeing and pooping is how they expel the biliruben), and to keep in him sunlight (which also helps breakdown the biliruben). he needed to be nursing, and alert--if at any point he was refusing to eat or became lathargic, we needed to head back up to the hospital.

so when we got home we set up a little bed infront of the window so he could bask in the sunlight. he looked so cute! today we have him laying in his bassinet in DIRECT sunlight from the back porch...he looks like he is tanning, lol. he seems to be doing really good. he is slightly orangish but he is nursing for 20+ mins every 2.5 hours, he's having periods of time where is awake and alert and we have changed SEVERAL dirty/wet diapers. we have to take him to see Dr. S tomorrow for a follow up but I think it will be good news!

here is a picture from yesterday

here you can kinda see how orange he is:
i'll update more later but things are going really well. bubba and pooks love their lil "be-be" and will give him kisses, bring him his binky, etc. pooks loves to help us by throwing away his dirty diaper and bubba mimics everything i do to peanut, he does to his Arf. so when i'm nursing, he's holding Arf up to his "boobee", when i burp peanut, he burps Arf, and then when i lay peanut down in the basinett he lays his Arf down on his Backyardigan's sofa.

so cute!


  1. He's so beautiful Shannon! I'm so happy for your family and hope that peanut's bili levels are fine tomorrow. The boys are just so cute!

  2. LOVE it!! They are all just too precious!! :)

  3. Congrats! He is gorgeous!! I miss them that little sometimes...


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