Saturday, November 8, 2008

entering the nesting stage....

it kinda hit me big time yesterday that i'm having peanut SOON. realizing that i'm now 35 weeks and had the boys at 37 weeks is scary. 2 weeks to get everything done?? and on top of that i'm suppose to be taking it easy and resting. Dr P wants me to lay low because of the contractions i've been having. they have lessened tremendously but thursday and friday i was having them non-stop. they would be anywhere from 15 mins apart-30mins but they went on for hours.

the good news is i've been up for well over an hour today and i haven't has any. considering that yesterday i woke up to contractions--thats a vast improvement! i've been resting on the couch a lot and drinking a ton of water. a.ton.of.water. i feel like i could float away but oh well, it seems to be working!

anyways, so yesterday i sorted through all our baby clothes for peanut and made sure that all the newborn pieces got washed. most of his clothes are brand spankin' new because i'd already sold our newborn clothes from bubba and pooks. i have to say i had to think long and hard before i ripped the tags off. my gut STILL has trouble believing that peanut is a boy. but i took the plunge and washed all the newborn clothes, dug out all the receiving blankets and opened up his crib bedding and washed that too. then last night after the boys went to bed, I had B bring in the new swing we bought so that i could assemble it. its so comfy and i can't wait to see peanut in it.
doesn't it look so comfy?? its like suede and moves 2 different directions, has 6 speeds, music and nature sounds....pretty fancy-schmancy!

the trouble right now is keeping a certain pookie out of the swing but so far he realizes its for the baby....or at least he keeps putting the doll in it so thats a good start. (nevermind the fact that he picks up and carries his baby by her face....)


  1. Pooks will be a wonderful big brother, just like bubba .I will admit that it might take pooks a little longer to catch on, he still has that tendency to chuck things and run.:)

  2. We have that same swing for Parker and he has always loved it! :)



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