Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

whew! moving is exhausting!

we unpacked everything on saturday and sunday and stayed the night last night. the boys did great--they never even acted like anything was different! they went right to bed without any issues. i was impressed because bubba has a new racecar bed (so that peanut can have the crib) and he didn't even question it.

today went well. we definitely need to get a wall mount for the baby gates so that we can block off the upstairs--my 8 month pregnant ass gets exhausted chasing toddlers up and down the stairs! that's the biggest adjustment, they've never lived in a house with a flight of stairs and apparently that is THE coolest thing to a set of toddlers.

this afternoon i had my OB appt with Dr. P to check on peanut and I. hard to believe that i'm 34 weeks--yikes! we're having a baby soon, lol. everything looked great; my blood pressure was awesome: 122/64. i didn't gain any weight since my last appt (SWEET!) and peanuts heartbeat was 142. oh and he is still head down.

i've been having quite a few contractions (nothing too serious but a few times they've been time able) anywhere from 11-26 minutes apart. they never got closer together, they never hurt so i knew it wasn't a *big* deal but enough to at least mention. since i had both boys at 37 weeks, he thought it might be a good idea to do a cervical check, just to make sure nothing serious was going on. i completely agreed because i know i did a lot over the weekend and i was sore. i felt quite a bit of pressure yesterday but attributed it to walking up and down the stairs.

well, its a bit of both. i am dilated 1.5cm but I'm not effaced and peanut is still high. so it seems that my contractions are dilating me like they are suppose to. however, obviously we don't want peanut to make an appearance yet. so i need to slow down a bit, rest when i first start to feel worn out and generally, try to take it easier. he wants to see me weekly from here on out, just to make sure that things continue to progress SLOWLY. i have another appt on monday, where he will check me again. if i'm dilated more or effaced, then he may implement bedrest just to assure that this baby doesn't get here until he's baked a bit longer. if i start to have time able contractions again, regardless of the spacing (ie 5 mins or 15mins) he wants me to either a) come into the office or b)go to labor and delivery to get checked out. he wants to make sure that peanut handles the contractions well and that i don't actually go into labor this early.

so, like i said--"whew!"

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