Tuesday, November 25, 2008

adjusting to our new family size...

everything is going really well, so far no one has had a meltdown and life-while at times more hectic- isn't too different. i think peanut has kinda fallen into the family and the boys have adjusted well. peanuts temprement is pretty mellow. he only cries when hungry, he eats every 3 hours and he nurses really good. he's gotten the hang of it and it doesn't take too long. he sleeps through everything: dogs barking, brothers fighting, vacuum running, doorbell ringing, tv sounds, toy sounds, talking, phones ringing...so far he hasn't woken up from anything other than hunger!

we ventured out as a family of 5 today for the first time today. we just went to walmart and other than it taking 1.5hrs, everything went very smoothly. for those wondering--bubba walked beside the cart, pooks sat in the cart and peanut was in his carseat. while it was slightly difficult to fit all the groceries, it worked out fine. obviously bubba walks a little slower than us and i think thats what really lengthened the trip time.

anyways, i'll get on to the pictures because i know thats what everyone checks my blog for anyways ;)

i took a lot of pictures today and shared the majority of them here:

bubba looking WAY too grown up!
pooks wearing B's hat
peanut looking at me with a squinty face...
pooks pushing peanut in the swing
peanut, awake and looking around
bubba holding peanut while watching backyardigan's
pooks holding peanut for the first time...he was a bit rough but nothing peanut couldn't handle
all 3 boys, the older ones moving in for a kiss
just another one of peanut with his eyes open...i think he looks a lot like bubba!


  1. Every time I see pics of them it just melts my heart! Gotta love the brotherly love!! :)


  2. Very cute pictures! I also like to hear about the family and how you all are doing. Glad everything is going great. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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