Monday, November 17, 2008

36 weeks, 2 days and counting!

well i just got back from my ob appointment and everything is right on track. i am a "stretchy" 3 cms dilated, my blood pressure was perfect, Peanut's HB was loud and clear at 128bpm and i even lost 2 lbs! peanut is head down but i forgot to ask if he was actually engaged in my pelvis or not. it doesn't really matter, i was just curious. on the TMI note, i have started to lose some of my mucous plug---thats grossly exciting!

at this stage I could go into labor at any point and that would be okay. ideally full term is 37 weeks but he isn't the slightest bit worried if i "go" before Friday. both boys were 37 weekers and were good sizes, didn't have any problems or complications with birth/delivery so he's not concerned. Dr P is sticking to his guess of thursday. he ended with ''you might make it to your appointment on Monday but i don't imagine that i'll see you in the office after that. i would be completely shocked if you went any longer."

we shall see! i haven't had contractions today (at least not yet) but i am tired and my back hurts. this close to the end its hard not to diagnose every little thing as pre-term labor!

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  1. Wow, Shannon... you are getting close! How exciting!


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