Sunday, November 30, 2008

turkey day!

a few days late but oh well!

my goal on wednesday was to teach bubba and pooks to say ''happy thanksgiving'' or at least ''happy turkey day'' before the holiday. well, that didn't happen but they can say ''gobble gobble gobble" so they told everyone ''gobble gobble gobble'' whenever they were wished a happy thanksgiving. it was pretty cute!

we had a great thanksgiving and i hope that all of you did too! we went over to nanaw and papa's house early in the morning (after a starbucks run) and stayed until it was the boys' bedtime. we hung out with uncle matt, aunt rachel, great papa barry, nanaw and papa; we ate turkey, ham and all the fixin's including pumpkin pie and a WONDERFUL coconut cream pie. *mmmm, it was delicious!* we watched football and and lounged around--all the things that you are supposed to do on thanksgiving.

my one mistake for the day was in how i explained what thanksgiving was to the boys. i told them that we were going over to nanaw and papa's house for thanksgiving. that thanksgiving was a day where we celebrated everything and everyone that made us happy, we told everyone 'thank you', we get to eat all day and watch football. (okay not a great definition but hello, they are 2.5 and 1.5 years old!) well my mistake was the ''eat all day" part, because from the moment we walked through nanaw and papa's front door, they wanted to eat. they had already had breakfast but then they ate some fruit snacks, raisins, i think they had a croissant with ham and cheese, grapes--heck i can't remember everything that they snacked on! next time i will not mention the eating!

well here are some pics. surprisingly i didn't take too many...strange i know, but here are the good ones:
all the boys napping before dinner
(don't worry, peanut was only placed there for the pic-lol)
peanut with great papa barry
aunt rachel and uncle matt
pooks LOVED pumpkin pie!
bubba loved cool whip--not so much the pie
and then, to catch up on today:

today we just hung out around the house. we didn't go anywhere or really do anything special just enjoyed the weekend. we did take a 3 hour nap that was WONDERFUL. i love naps! b goes back to work tomorrow (he's been home since the day i had peanut) so tomorrow will be my first day flying solo...wish us luck! here are a few cute pictures from today:

the boys hugging--by choice!
bubba just reached out and hugged pooks and he actually hugged back!
and another, just because i couldn't believe it!
and this has totally been done before but i couldn't resist trying it. i love little baby feet...and peanut's are definitely tiny! the wedding ring thing--i thought was cute and it gives an idea of just how tiny those toes really are! usually its followed by some cheesy quote 'all because two people fell in love' or something along those lines. i can do without that but i do like the picture!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a day with the nanaw's

today we went down to nanaw phyllis' & great great grandma's house to show off peanut. great great grandma is 97 yrs old and its not easy for her to travel so we went to her! the boys had a blast. they are to the age where they realize where we are going and they are no longer shy and no longer need time to 'warm up' when we get there; in fact bubba was yelling ''nanaw! nanaw!" from the car when we pulled into the driveway. granted he calls nanaw phyllis "nanaw phew phew" but he knows who she is and phyllis isn't easy to say!

we ended up visiting for about 3 hours--which considering it takes an hour to get there, an hour to get back and we were working with 2 toddlers naps and a nursing baby--i think that it went really well. i was adament about getting good pictures but again, given what i'm working with, i did the best that i could. i really wanted a pic of ALL of us with great great grandma but that didn't happen. pooks is going through a phase where he thinks its funny to run from the camera so consequently i have very few pictures with him even in them!

regardless, here they are:
peanut meeting great great grandma...i think she was excited :)
nanaw phew phew with bubba and peanut
(pooks was throwing a fit by her feet, all because i tried to sit him in the chair)
aunt nathalie admiring peanut
bubba wearing a Santa hat
peanut awake and alert
another of gg-gma holding peanut
the best one of our 8 out takes of a group shot--that was a big fail!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

adjusting to our new family size...

everything is going really well, so far no one has had a meltdown and life-while at times more hectic- isn't too different. i think peanut has kinda fallen into the family and the boys have adjusted well. peanuts temprement is pretty mellow. he only cries when hungry, he eats every 3 hours and he nurses really good. he's gotten the hang of it and it doesn't take too long. he sleeps through everything: dogs barking, brothers fighting, vacuum running, doorbell ringing, tv sounds, toy sounds, talking, phones far he hasn't woken up from anything other than hunger!

we ventured out as a family of 5 today for the first time today. we just went to walmart and other than it taking 1.5hrs, everything went very smoothly. for those wondering--bubba walked beside the cart, pooks sat in the cart and peanut was in his carseat. while it was slightly difficult to fit all the groceries, it worked out fine. obviously bubba walks a little slower than us and i think thats what really lengthened the trip time.

anyways, i'll get on to the pictures because i know thats what everyone checks my blog for anyways ;)

i took a lot of pictures today and shared the majority of them here:

bubba looking WAY too grown up!
pooks wearing B's hat
peanut looking at me with a squinty face...
pooks pushing peanut in the swing
peanut, awake and looking around
bubba holding peanut while watching backyardigan's
pooks holding peanut for the first time...he was a bit rough but nothing peanut couldn't handle
all 3 boys, the older ones moving in for a kiss
just another one of peanut with his eyes open...i think he looks a lot like bubba!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

for your viewing enjoyments....

more pictures!

peanut snoozing (still in the hospital)

bubba holding peanut for the 1st time at home

pooks wouldn't hold him, but he would give kisses....
all the lil tic tacs

when we left the hospital on friday, peanut's biliruben levels were on the high end of normal. they went ahead and let us come home, with orders to come back saturday morning for a re-check. if his levels had raised, he would have to stay in the hospital under phototherapy lights. (just like bubba had to do as a newborn).

well when i took him yesterday morning and his levels had rised but the doctor felt that it was something we could monitor at home. obviously if they had been TOO high, that wouldn't have been an option. my instructions were to feed on demand or every 3 hours (peeing and pooping is how they expel the biliruben), and to keep in him sunlight (which also helps breakdown the biliruben). he needed to be nursing, and alert--if at any point he was refusing to eat or became lathargic, we needed to head back up to the hospital.

so when we got home we set up a little bed infront of the window so he could bask in the sunlight. he looked so cute! today we have him laying in his bassinet in DIRECT sunlight from the back porch...he looks like he is tanning, lol. he seems to be doing really good. he is slightly orangish but he is nursing for 20+ mins every 2.5 hours, he's having periods of time where is awake and alert and we have changed SEVERAL dirty/wet diapers. we have to take him to see Dr. S tomorrow for a follow up but I think it will be good news!

here is a picture from yesterday

here you can kinda see how orange he is:
i'll update more later but things are going really well. bubba and pooks love their lil "be-be" and will give him kisses, bring him his binky, etc. pooks loves to help us by throwing away his dirty diaper and bubba mimics everything i do to peanut, he does to his Arf. so when i'm nursing, he's holding Arf up to his "boobee", when i burp peanut, he burps Arf, and then when i lay peanut down in the basinett he lays his Arf down on his Backyardigan's sofa.

so cute!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


i started having contractions at 4am on 9am i still had them but they didn't hurt and they weren't getting closer together. i decided to call Dr P just to get checked, to see if they were false labor or early labor. (papa was planning on going out of town, but not if I was having a baby). well he wasn't in the office yet but they wanted me to go up to labor and deliver ''just to get checked". i wasn't in pain, i could walk/talk/eat through the contractions, etc it was just i was still early. well i get to the hospital and i was still 3 cm (same as monday) so they told me they would re-evaluate me in an hour but that i'd probably be going home. well long story short--they checked me in an hour, I was 4cm. in another hour i was a ''stretchy'' they kept me.

bottom line, peanut was born! i'll add the long story later, right now i'm tired!
Born November 19, 2008 at 7:17 pm. He weighed 6lbs 13oz and is 20 inches long. because he is a bit early, we are having an issue getting his blood sugars to level. i've had to supplement with formula to bring those levels up but otherwise he is doing great, nurses well and sleeps alot! And for those of you who i know are going to ask, no he STILL does not have a name--yet :)

here are a bunch of pics:

first opening his eyes

getting assessed

looking at his mama
getting kisses from pooks!

and from bubba too!

Proud Mommy!
all my boys (this morning)
my boys and me

with his daddy...

and his nanaw....
all comfy in his little outfit, sleeping the morning away

agh, i have more pics to upload but peanut woke up and needs to nurse. more later.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's the little things in life

that amuses toddlers.

tonight after supper while i was loading the dishwasher and cleaning up, B helped the boys make a house out of a box. just an old moving box but a box mixed with 8 jumbo crayons, entertained them for over an hour (until they had to get a bath and get ready for bed). i know that bubba especially could have kept going for awhile but it was already 7:45 and they are usually asleep by then! anyways, i made sure to get a ton of pics and chances are tomorrow i'll be able to get even more...

pooks going to get a different color crayon

bubba inside....pooks provided most of the interior decorating

telling me ''cheese'' (notice backyardigan Tyrone, as requested he is on the outside and Pablo is inside...hey I did my best!)

pooks inspecting the "doorknob"

working on the interior "paint"

admiring the wall color (?)

surprisingly they both fit in it quite well, and share
once the newness of the 'house' started to wear off, pooks started to run around the living room and he and i played together. one thing i wanted to do before Peanut gets here was to take some pics of the boys kissing my belly. i have one of bubba kissing my belly when i was preggo with pooks and i just love it. well bubba was pretty wrapped up in his house, but B was able to get a couple of really cute ones of pooks.

the funny thing is, pooks needs no convincing or bribing to kiss my belly...he does it on his own all the time. he'll randomly come over and pull my shirt up over my belly and give kiss after kiss. so as soon as B asked him where the baby was, he ran right over and started giving out the love. here are my 2 favorite shots:

hope you enjoyed :)