Sunday, October 12, 2008

a much needed update

well after spending 3 days back home--over 6 hours in the car driving around looking for ''for rent'' signs, scouring the paper, searching the internet, seeing one hell-hole with urine stains--we found a place to rent!

we were really discouraged friday after seeing a duplex that was tiny, dirty and had urine stains on the carpet, that the landlord was ''just going to shampoo" we were about at the end of our rope. then i found an ad in friday nights paper. then nanaw saw a similar add on craigslist. well after calling both places, saturday we were able to go see the place.

it was virtually perfect.

oddly enough, its a 2 bedroom which we didn't think would work originally. but after seeing it, it felt too good to be true. its a 2 story duplex in a really nice neighborhood. we can have our doggies! it is a 2bd but the rooms are big, big enough for bubba and pooks to have a room together and for B and I to have the crib for peanut in our room. once peanut is sleeping through the night, there is enough space in the boys room for a crib as well. it has a very clean and dry unfinished basement with good natural light. we plan on using one side for storage and the other side putting down rugs and using as a playroom for the boys. i also feel much better having a basement since a tornado recently touched down there!

it also has a garage big enough for our Pacifica and B's motorcycle. (with a garage door opener!) the laundry room is huge and for a duplex, it has a ton of storage! i mean huge closets and linen closets galore. its not too far from the park, and its a really quiet neighborhood. the kitchen is the biggest downfall--its itty bitty. but i think the seperate dining room will help, as well as all the extra storage throughout the house. and it DOES have a dishwasher! woohoo!

can you tell that I haven't had a basement, or a garage (let alone with an opener) or a dishwasher in our current house?! LOL.

here is a picture.
(we're on the left side)

we can't officially move in until november 1st because the current tenent can't move into her new apt until nov 1st; but she said we can start putting our stuff in the basement and garage so that we can unload the moving truck before the 27th (B's first day of work).

we both feel so much better! a huge relief and pressure has been lifted. finding a decent (let alone "nice") rental in a college/military town that isn't crazy expensive and is in a family friendly neighborhood is a huge challenge. most places are 1/2 block from campus, you're lucky if it has off street parking and they usually never let you have pets. nevermind the fact that they are priced to split among at least 3 students, so they are outrageously expensive.

we feel VERY fortunate!!

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