Friday, October 3, 2008

it's peanut butter jelly time!

i thought i'd better update on how bubba was doing since we switched him to a wheat/gluten free diet. in one word: AWESOME!

he is bubba but better. he is A LOT less whiny, he's finally finishing meals, his speech is really taken off and he seems genuinely happy! its really not that hard either. we're not taking it to a huge extreme right now either...we've eliminated all "major" wheat products, but if something has 'wheat' or 'modified food starch' listed towards the bottom of the ingredient list we go ahead and let him eat it. he hasn't had any problems and we haven't had a situation where he really wanted something that he couldn't have...really within the past 4-6months he has started to eliminate a lot of breads/grains on his own just by refusing to eat them.

yesterday we had fast food with B for lunch, which honestly its almost impossible to eat fast food that is wheat/gluten free. even McD french fries have wheat because the vegetable oil that they fry them with has been contaminated/exposed to wheat. he can't have chicken nuggets, etc. well yesterday we got him hamburger and fries (not from McD, from smaller local chain) and i simply threw the bun away. i told him ''you don't want the bun right?" and he simply said ''uh huh momma". he could have cared less. and he turned around and eat the entire patty and almost all of his fries!

speech wise--wow. he is saying so much. this morning he said ''i eat mama'', so i said ''what do you want to eat for breakfast bubba'' and he turned to me and said ''ooty pebbles mama''--aka, FRUITY PEBBLES! i was amazed. he also told me he wanted juice (''oouice"). he now says 'tow truck', 'puddle', 'pond', 'moon', 'play', 'park' and the latest sentence to enter our household: "mama i poo'd...i poo'd mama" while pointing to his butt! for some reason words that start with P have really taken off.

well the one thing that i feel bad about, the one food that i know he probably misses are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. the boys love PB&J. so yesterday i bought some lovely 'tapioca bread' that is gluten-free. its a small loaf for almost $5 and it seemed kinda hard but i thought we might as well as least try it. i'll admit, i didn't have very high hopes. first of all, its pretty hard/dry. you are suppose to microwave it or toast it first. so i popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds. well now it was hot and mushy/spongy. yum! so i went ahead and made pooks sandwich on reg bread while the GF bread cooled off. by the time it cooled down it was about the consistency of 'regular' bread. i whipped up his PB&J, cut it into squares and served it with strawberries and Cheetos (which amazingly enough are GF!).

he dug right in! first he opened up the sandwich and licked out the jelly (like usual!) but then he ate it! he didn't make a face or even question it. i was so relived! i felt bad denying both kids from PB&J--i mean that's like an American staple food for kids. he did quite well, he ate all of his strawberries and Cheetos and 1/2 of the sandwich, bread and all. i didn't push him to finish it. i read online that the tapioca bread is a very heavy/dense bread and can fill you up pretty quickly. next time i'll just make him 1/2 a sandwich. but overall, it was successful. here are a few pics for the heck of it!

taking the first bite!

"why are you taking pictures of me eating??"
pooks inhaled his strawberries then moved on to the Cheetos

apparently when you are 16mos old, breaking Cheetos is hilarious!
and yes, i am fully aware that both boys could use a haircut/trim. i'll do it. eventually :)


  1. No NO NO , the boys do not need trims or anything else........ Their hair looks great, they are such cuties. Glad the pb&j went so well.

  2. S, you really are a great mom! And great kids, and a wonderful hubby! Can't wait for peanut to arrive!


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