Sunday, October 19, 2008

its gonna be awhile...

we are officially knee-deep in the middle of moving! B is packing up the house this weekend while me and the kiddos hang out at nanaw and papa's. it is IMPOSSIBLE to pack up a house with a 2.5yo and a 1.5yo so we jumped ship ;)

i do have an appt tomorrow with Dr.P to check on peanut. i'll have an ultrasound and my regular appt so i will try to update after that. i'm sure i've gained like 50lbs because all i crave is twix bars, lol. i don't notice a weight gain, but i'm sure its there.

anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that its going to be awhile until i get back to posting regularly. we pick up the moving truck thursday, we will bring it here and unload on friday. (we'll only be able to unload the truck in the garage and basement, not unpack). then on saturday we'll turn the truck in, and B and I will head back down to clean out the old house and walk through with the landlord. then on Monday, B will start his new job, we'll live at nanaw and papa's for the week and officially move in november 1st.


so thats whats up, i'll get back to posting 'normally' in november.

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