Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am SO proud to announce....

Tic Tac Baby Cakes!!!

(if you click on the logo, it will take you to the website)

i mentioned about a month ago that i had been working on a business adventure...well, this is it!

Here is a little description from the site:
Diaper cakes aren't edible but they are practical. What new mom doesn't need diapers & bath products? The GREAT thing about Tic Tac Baby Cakes are that they include only usable items! They are hand-made, custom designed and made to order. Each one is made for YOUR specific wants/needs. All cakes are made in a smoke free, clean environment with only the highest quality ingredients.

The best part: no two cakes are alike! We can work with nursery themes, baby shower themes, nursery colors, surprise genders--even holidays!! Weather you need a centerpiece at the baby shower, a "Welcome Baby" gift for at the hospital or a special gift for a repeat mommy who already has everything they "need", a Tic Tac Baby Cake will be appreciated and memorable as well as useful...all for the price of a bouqet of flowers!

Take a peek at some of the cakes that have been made, and if you have any questions or are ready to order just email me!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a look at the site and let me know what you think! i am very excited but it's been my 'baby' for the last few months so i know that i am biased :)
while i am so happy to go public, it stinks that the timing is off with our move. i do have all my supplies, diapers, ribbons and several accessories. as soon as we are settled in, i'll be completely up and running! turn around can be as little as 3 days or as long as you need to come up with the perfect theme! if you have any questions, just let me know. oh and if you want business cards to hand out...let me know too ;)


  1. So, this is what your business adventure is - you'll be great S

  2. I just had a baby shower for a friend on Saturday! This would of been an amazing gift!!!!!!!!!....
    next time...


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