Thursday, October 2, 2008

how cute is this??

so i'm trying to stay ahead of the game and think of Christmas. obviously we will have a new addition before the holidays so putting off Christmas shopping isn't a good idea this year. i was thinking that we'd probably get the boys 1 "big" gift and their stocking stuff but that would be it. they are spoiled rotten by everyone else, so they won't know the difference. plus if you've seen our playroom, it aleady looks a bit like a daycare center.

anyways, this is what i was thinking (btw, thanks beth!):

its a 50's Diner and kitchen set!

how freaking cute is that? the boys are really at that age where they are pretending. pooks likes to pretend to drink out of anything that looks like a cup and bubba loves to stir and pretend to cook, then have you ''taste'' it. plus while this is technically a ''kitchen'' set, its still pretty boyish. and the booth is practical, the kids can actually sit there and eat snacks and such. i was thinking about getting this, and getting rid of some of the smaller toys and ride-ons...those things are turning into weapons! you haven't seen danger on a ride-on til you have bubba on one and pooks on the other and they are acting like they are riding bumper cars.

anyways, i thought it was cute and functional. let me know if you see anything similar or have your own ideas!


  1. I just saw this...I saw that kitchen/diner and I just loved it. I hope they have fun with it.


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