Monday, October 20, 2008

doctor appointment today...

i just left dr.P's office and thought i should update before i get too busy.

firstoff, i didn't see Dr. P because he was off to deliver a baby, but it was okay because everything looked great at my ultrasound appt.

peanut is most definitely a boy, i saw his little bits so there is no questioning it. everything looks great. all his body parts are measuring normal; femur, head, abdomen all measured good. he had a good strong heartbeat, a healthy 4 chamber heart, kidneys and bladder looked great.

overall he is measuring right on track, in the 51% percentile. he weighed a grand total of 4lbs and 4oz! he is head down with his feet up in my ribs, which i didn't need to see to know that! my blood pressure was awesome, 126/74, my urine came back fine and my weight gain was good.

my next appt is nov 3rd!

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  1. Glad all is good, hope the move went smooth.

    Tag sweetie, check out my blog for details.


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