Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bubba is sick :(

well, he's doing much better today but yesterday was pretty bad!

monday night he slept really rough. his cough/runny nose turned into a hacking cough and wheezing. he JUST got over a case of ''bronchitis" before we moved so i was surprised that he was sick again so soon. i took him to our favorite doctor in the whole world, Dr S, and she diagnosed him with ''reactive airway disease." basically he has what i had when i was younger: infectious asthma. i didn't expect that at all!

they don't like to diagnose kids with asthma because usually they outgrow it, and it only flares up when they are already sick. for instance with a cold/upper respiratory infection. so most likely 2 weeks ago when he had a cold then bronchitis, it was probably a cold which flared up his asthma. it is hereditary so most likely he got it from me.

so treatment; well for now he is on an antibiotic, a steroid, and he has to breathing treatments every 4 hours for the next 7 days. he had his first treatment with the nebulizer at the doctor's office and well, it sucked. he hated it and he cried the entire time. so when Dr S told me that she wanted us to PURCHASE a nebulizer and do treatments at home, i was really dreading it. i couldn't even fathom how i would watch pooks and fight bubba to do this breathing treatment at the same time.

luckily bubba is a smart cookie. he realized that as much as he HATED the mask, it was helping him. so when i told him he needed to do it again at home, he said ''okay mommy''. I FREAKING LOVE THIS KID! so i hooked up the nebulizer and set it up by the laptop. then i went to, which is a website for toddlers full of games. he sat through the whole 10 minute treatment, holding the mask and playing his game. today anytime i tell him he needs a breathing treatment he just hops up to the computer and waits.

so while it definitely isn't fun, it is getting easier. and he is doing MUCH better. his wheezing is almost non-exsistent. by about the time he needs a treatment, his coughing will start up but otherwise he is doing much better.

in other news---

as i'm typing this, pooks just got his very first time-out. multiple times today he has taken his ride-on car, pushed it against the coffee table, then stood on the seat of the car so that he can reach the stain-glass lamp. he then proceeds to bump it will his head, shake it with his hands or in one instance, swing at it with a {plastic} golf club. after being told "no", being redirected to other toys, having his hand and bottom swatted, he was still doing it. so i put him in a 2 minute timeout. which i need to wrap this up so i can talk to him and let it down.

we shall see if it does any good!

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  1. Glad to hear that Bubba is feeling better. Hope to see you guys on Halloween!


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