Monday, September 29, 2008

"Super Freak"

i've spent the last 2 hours putting together/working on the playlist that i will listen to during labor with peanut. with bubba and pooks, i also had my ipod and i felt like it really helped. (well in the beginning for sure) when i would get a contraction, i would turn up the music and focus on the song, anything the song made me think of, singing to myself, etc--really anything to block out the distractions in the room and the pain. surprisingly, it worked quite well. i don't think it took very long for B and nanaw to figure out that if i was turning up the ipod, it meant ''stop talking, contraction". then as soon as the wave passed, i'd turn it down and go back to conversing like normal.

but with pooks i made the mistake of putting too many slow, soothing, sappy songs on it. lullabies are great for babies....not so great for encouragement to push a baby out. while celion dion, cat stevens, michael mcdonald are all wonderful artists i found that i only wanted to listen to fast, upbeat, dancing in a club, in-your-face loud music. missi elliot anyone? how about buck cherry? justin timberlake, fergie, destinys child---nothing like a little ''bootylicious'' to distract the pain right?

it may sound crazy but it worked! so now i'm working on one for peanut. i lost 1/2 my music that was in our computer when we got that virus back in may so its like starting from scratch. so i've been going through CD's and uploading them to my iTunes. i've downloaded music (thanks Matt for that giftcard) and I'm finally coming up with a playlist.

in addition to my ''fun'' music i used with pooks, i've decided to add all my fun, upbeat, rockin 80's music. if you know me, then you know that i know the 80's like nobody's business. i couldn't tell you a single song on the mtv countdown (does mtv even play videos?) and i can't name a single jonas brother but i know all the lyrics to 'wake me up before you go-go', i know who would answer if you call "867-5309" and i've serenated someone to ''total eclipse of the heart.''

and peanut is apparently following in his mama's footsteps :)

while going through all this music, i *HAD* to download ''super freak" by rick james. after it downloads i naturally have to listen to it. would you believe that peanut went from completely asleep and having not moved in probably an hour; to moving so much that you could see it just by looking at my stomach? it was nuts. i made B come in and watch even. he was jamming out in utero.

so it looks like while all my kids love to dance, peanut may put his brothers to shame! 29 weeks and already shaking his groove thing!

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