Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nursery bedding for peanut

i think it finally 'hit me' that peanut is due in 10 weeks, and I'll probably have him in 8 weeks! we're talking like 55 days people! that is insane. while we have everything that we *have* to have, we're still working on the little stuff. we have a crib, bassinet, car seat, some clothes, bouncy seat, swing, baby book and diapers but still need to get things like cloth diapers for burp rags, binkies, baby bedding, possibly a pack n play, and some sort of dresser/clothing unit.

but today, i'm looking at bedding. i figure peanut may not have a real name, but i could at least narrow his bedding down. so let me know what you think; these are the top 3. (oh and the crib is white)

Option 1: "Scooter" featuring jeeps, trucks and airplanes
Option 2: "Pirates Cove" featuring what else, but Pirates!
Option 3: "Zoom Zoom" featuring soap box derby cars and a retro pattern.
i like all 3 for different reasons. option 1 i like the colors and think they would 'pop' on a white crib. option 2 i like the overall theme and different textures in the fabric. i think its fun and the b&w contrast the baby would be able to see very early on. option 3, i like the idea of doing a car theme and i love the retro accent colors.

what do you think? if it helps, the crib is almost identical to the crib in option 2, but its white instead of that natural wood color.

oh and here is a slideshow of how big i've gotten over the last 29 weeks! yikes!


  1. I love the retro bedding! But I am curious, the boys bedding was animals.....could we not find any animal ones for the voting?

  2. I like one and three. Hard to choose just one. Actually they are all very cute and all three would go with white. SET

  3. What???? No KSU options??????
    ps - the pics of you look great, thanks for including your life along with the your groom and boys!

  4. I really like the retro too!

  5. What???????? No KU options???????


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