Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my favorite kind of day

a lazy day of course!

today was like a dream day. it was cool enough outside to open the windows, it was overcast out but not depressing. the kinda day where you just want to sleep in and when you do get up, you pull on comfy sweats and drink hot cocoa. very relaxing. and apparently i'm not the only one who thinks so.

guess who slept a total of over 14 hours last night and didn't get up til 10am when i woke him up?

my pookie ;)

that kid is so much like me, sometimes its scary. he HATES being woke up. even on the days where i do have to wake him, i do so by making enough noise in the hallway that he wakes up on his own. if you try to wake him by gently moving him and saying "time to get up"--watch out! you will have a beast to take care of all morning and he will be cranky all day. the kid LOVES his sleep. and apparently the fact that his room was nice and dark, his bed was warm and he was content all made for a sleepy little guy.

the only reason i woke him up was because everyday around 2ish we all take a nap. i need that nap as much as the boys do! so i woke him up with bubba's help and surprisingly while the initial wake-up was ugly, once up he was Mr. Happy. and just like i predicted at 2pm he was out like a light again. didn't wake up til almost 5pm. then he turned around and went to bed at 8:15pm without so much as a peep in protest.

did i mention i love that kid, LOL.

bubba on the other hand "slept in" til 8:40. which don't get me wrong is wonderful considering he usually gets up by 7:30am. i was happy that i got to sleep in at all! but i was a teeny bit jealous of pooks!

we didn't do much but lounge around and play. the boys got to wear long sleeve t-shirts with sweats since i had the windows open. we were all very comfy. we watched some backyardigan's, had a snack or two, ran to the store, played with trains for a bit, had papa's favorite fast food for lunch, napped, and then had yummy chili for supper. it was great since i let it simmer all day in the crock pot...mmm!

i have to add that as much as i love my pookie for his sleep habits, i love bubba for his eating habits and how he's my ''clean'' child. take a look at 2 pictures i took during the middle of dinner tonight:
my bubba---
the mess around his lips is as messy as he usually gets.

and my pooks...

guess which kiddo i chose to clean up and which kiddo i passed on to B?? hehe.

hey, the kid had chili in his EAR! it wasn't exactly rocket science to figure out which one would be easier to clean up!

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  1. Check out the boys! Maybe you are going to have a girl!!


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