Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ham and Cheese!

that is what i should change bubba and pooks' nicknames too, LOL. they are just always hamming it up and being cheesy!

this afternoon/evening we played outside and i made sure to take my camera out with us. my goal was to get some cute new pics of the boys, and that was accomplished! my computer keeps locking up so i was only able to re-size 3 of them. but you get the idea...i'll try to get the rest up later!
my Ham...
...and Cheese!
and then there is the Cheesiest!


  1. They sure are growing up fast and soooo cute! I have really enjoyed all of the pictures lately.

    Take care!

  2. The 'cheesiest' picture is hilarious!

  3. Hey, if you are really having a boy...name him Jack... Then you will have Ham and Jack, Cheese...get it?? hahahah!!

    Love you guys!

    Big D!

  4. Cute pics! Thanks for all the pics!


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