Sunday, September 28, 2008

the great pumpkin patch

today we took the boys to the local pumpkin patch. by local, i mean the one that is less than 5 mins from our house. they have a corn maze, bounce houses, country store and the pumpkin patch just ''opened'' yesterday.

for $7 per adult (the kiddos were free) we went on a hay-rack ride, enjoyed a petting zoo, and we each got to pick out 1 pumpkin. not to shabby when you think about it this way: $14 for a family of 4 to do all of the above, the whole ordeal took 2 hours, and we walked away with our pumpkins. the grocery store has pumpkins 3/$12 so really---we made out like bandits. and of course, we also took a TON of pictures and made memories. :)

when we first got there, we paid for the pumpkin patch tour but had to wait 40 mins for the next ride to start. so we looked around the country store, bought some fresh produce and then sat in the shade and enjoyed it. the boys had nectarines, i myself chose an apple.

after a messy snack, it was time for the pumpkin patch. bubba was VERY excited, so we ''boarded'' first--he had to sit behind the tractor. pooks however, bawled almost the entire hayrack ride...he hated that tractor. everytime it shifted gears, he cried. once we were to the patch, he was fine.

it was about a 10 minute ride to the pumpkin patch.
we had about an hour to take pics, choose our pumpkins and feed the animals. naturally, as soon as i told bubba that he could pick any pumpkin he wanted...he picked the very first one, right next to the tractor--as soon as we got off of the tractor.
pooks took a different approach. he couldn't care less about the pumpkins, he decided to strike a conversation with every scarecrow.

little ones....
and the mommy ones...
then bubba and b decided to be scarecrows. well, mostly B---bubba was just kinda frightened.
once their pumpkins were secure on the trailer, it was off to the petting zoo. bubba couldn't wait to see the ''BIG goats'' and the ''baby goats". in this picture he was saying ''big''.

they had a blast feeding all the animals. pooks mostly petted them, while bubba had to make sure that he personally fed each one. there were goats, a pony, some sheep, and a llama.

pooks loves ducks! he actually says ''duck'' too!
i love this one!
after we fed the animals, it was time to head back to the tractor/trailer. this is when pooks finally decided to notice the pumpkins---by standing on them.

somebody had a little Captain in him! LOL
hope you enjoyed our day at the pumpkin patch....we did!


  1. Freaking adorable............I"m glad you had a good time, I thought that place looked like fun and apparently it was. Great pics as usual Shannon

  2. How much fun!!!! You are very blessed and I am totally excited for Peanut to arrive!
    PS - How about those KC Chiefs!


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