Tuesday, September 23, 2008

good things come to those who wait...

...that is the lesson i learned today and I could not be any more excited!!

let me explain:

when you are preggo, there are now private places that offer 3d and 4d ultrasounds. they are about $150 for a dvd and pictures of your baby. it is really cool, we did it with bubba and pooks. you can actually see whose nose the baby has or chin, you can see toes and fingers. with bubba, we saw him sucking his finger. basically, you are seeing exactly what your baby will look like at birth, but you get this done between 24-28weeks. i don't have bubba's images on this computer, but here are pics of pooks. these were taken when i was 26wks preggo with him:

his little face with a hand in front
his right foot--we knew he had B's toes!
sucking on his hand/thumb
okay, so now that you know what i'm talking about---story continues:

well i really wanted to do it with this baby, but $150 is a lot when you already have 2 little ones. we decided that the money was better spent on a car seat, a swing---things the baby needs instead of us just getting a sneak peek at him. i really do think it is awesome, and in a way it helped me bond with the baby. i wonder if i could ''see'' this baby, if we could pick a name.

anyways, to make a long story short(er): today i received a phone call from Dr.P's office. apparently they just got a 3D/4D ultrasound machine and are needing women from various stages in their pregnancy to volunteer to receive ultrasounds (for free) so that the sono techs can earn their training hours and learn the machine better. i will be 30 weeks next week and they wanted to know if i was interested in being a selected ''volunteer''. HECK YES! it was a 'now or never' type thing, i was offered a time and date and if that didn't work then they would go to the next preggo on the list. of course i said yes! so i have an appt on wed, oct 1 in the afternoon for a 3D/4D ultrasound!

holla!! i will most definitely post pics--assuming i get them! i'm really not sure what to expect since i'm not paying for it, but i will try to get pics/video for sure!


  1. That is SO awesome!!! We had one with Nana, but not Pia (we couldn't afford it either). Yay you!

  2. Holla Back! Yeah!!!! Can't wait to see the pics of Peanut!

  3. So excited about wed and seeing what peanut looks like.Also wanted to let you know that I love the new look of the blog......


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