Sunday, September 14, 2008

belly pic!

i just wanted to make sure to share a belly pic, since i forgot last week. here i am at 27 weeks.

we didn't do a whole lot this weekend, and it was great! B has been working so much lately that it was nice to just do nothing. on saturday we went to a late breakfast at iHOP, ran some errands around town, and then just relaxed. we all took a good nap and then spent some time with B's family. after a late dinner, it was a nice evening. the boys went to bed without a hitch, b went to poker and i got some much needed ''me'' time! painted my toes, watched tv, spent a ton of time on the computer and read tabloids.

today was much the same. B was awesome this morning and got up when the boys did at 6:50 (on a SUNDAY--they are nuts!) so i could sleep. at 8:30 i woke up feeling rested, and B went back to bed for an hour or so while i watched the boys. since b had fed them a light breakfast, i decided to make a big breakfast/early lunch for us when he woke up. the boys loved it! we had beligian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, B fried bacon and we all stuffed ourselves. after playing around the house, taking a family nap for almost 3 hours (YAY!), we decided to go out to dinner and take the boys to a local 'fun park' afterwards.

i have to point this out because it was a huge dinner bubba got mini corn dogs---he ate every single last one (6!), his fruit cup, and some fries. he actually made a 'happy' plate at a restaurant which is virtually unheard of! then he got the surprise of his life when on top of all that, he got ice cream. LOL, he was a VERY happy 2 year old. obviously i hadn't told him that his dinner came with ice cream, but when the waitress brought it out he was just grinning ear to ear.

pooks wasn't as good at dinner, but he is teething. he didn't eat much but he made up for the extra time by flirting with every waitress that walked by. saying 'hi', or waving at them or grinning. then every time our waitress would leave the table he'd watch her walk away, fake cry, she would turn around and smile and he would just grin.

i think i'm gonna have my hands full with him!

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  1. S, your hands are full!! I can't wait for number 4!


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