Monday, September 22, 2008

as promised....

i have an update and pictures!

first off, todays update on peanut:

everything is going great! i'm up 15lbs, which is more than i expected, but is very good overall. dr p. expects me to gain about 1lb each week from here on out, which puts me at the recommended 25lb gain overall. peanut's little HB was 139bpm and my blood pressure was good. after measuring my uterus he could tell that peanuts head in up in my ribs, so for right now he is laying breech. he still has plenty of time to move around though so no worries. i am still measuring big so just to ''see whats going on in there'' dr. p will do another ultrasound at my next appointment! YAY! i love seeing the lil' guy so i can't wait til oct 20th. i'll be 32 weeks by then so we'll get a good idea of his overall size, position and fluid levels.

oh today i also had my glucose tolerance test, to see if i am at risk for gestational diabetes. basically you have to drink this glucose drink that is SUPER sugary, then an hour later they draw your blood to see how your body handles/breaks down glucose. my level had to be under 140 to ''pass'' and mine was 102....which is awesome! so now we just have to wait til october 20th!

okay so on to this weekend. we did a lot, but unfortunately i didn't take alot of pictures. i don't know why other than the kids are crazy active so sometimes i'm so busy chasing them that i don't think to take pics.

anyways, here's an overview of the weekend in photos:

on Friday, nanaw, myself and bubba made rice crispie treats. bubba did all the stirring, and then licked the spatula. he's had rice crispie treats before but we've never made them. he had fun and enjoyed eating them too!

this isn't the best pic, so i apologize nanaw!

on saturday we went to visit uncle matt. here are some pictures from his Hall at school. bubba loved playing the piano and took it pretty seriously.
as you can see, pooks did not. but he loved running around the place!

at one point, all 4 of us were playing--different things at the same time. i bet it sounded wonderful, lol. uncle matt was playing actual songs, the rest of us were just hitting keys.
on sunday the boys did not want to take a nap. we managed to finally get them down at like 3pm. they were so tired but i guess they didn't want to stop playing. regardless, when pooks woke up he had some WILD hair. i mean wolfman/wolverine-sticking-out-everywhere, hair. he would let me take his picture if papa was holding him, hence the picture of the boys with papa. however, both kiddos have a ''deer in the headlights'' look about them. oh well. don't forget to take note of pooks hair...

and the best close up i was able to get. it wasn't wet or sweaty, so i'm not sure what gave it such a bedhead look but it was really big/tall in the back. he's a silly boy, lol!
thats all for now!

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  1. How fun! I'm sure the g-parents love their g-boys!


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