Monday, September 15, 2008

all about pooks...

yep, i'm dedicating an entire post to this kiddo! he is so lovable and such a mess at the same time. his personality is so vibrant and silly and DRAMATIC. holy cow does the boy know how to throw a tantrum. he can turn his charm and temper on and off faster than i can blink.

within the last 3 days he has started:
  • climbing up the kitchen chair and onto the table. he will do this to reach food, for fun, or usually to get something he shouldn't have like my cell phone, bubba's crayons, my drink, etc.
  • he discovered that the kitchen drawers can be a ladder. He steps on the bottom drawer pull while reaching up and pulling himself up by using the top drawers' pull. basically like steps on a ladder. today he did it to reach the box of goldfish, but i've seen him to it to reach the draining rack as well.
  • to say 'please'. he did this today. i was giving bubba some cheerios and pooks started reaching with grabby hands going "uh uh uh" grunting at me. i told him to say ''please'' and he looked at me and went '' PEEESE". it was more a sound than a word but it was adorable.
people ask me 'how are you gonna manage 3 under 3?' or 'are you nervous?'. let me just say, that i'm not nervous about our family going from 4 to 5 when peanut arrives. i'm not nervous about having 3 kids. i don't worry about sharing my time with all of them or giving them all attention. i don't think that will be too bad. i'm not nervous about not getting sleep, or breastfeeding or any of the things that i was when preggo with b & p.

what i am nervous about........pooks.

honestly, he makes me nervous all the time. LOL. he gets into anything and everything despite any baby proofing, disciplining, trickery. the kid has no fear. he'll climb up and throw himself over the side of the couch. he'll stand on the kitchen chair. he'll attempt to jump while in the tub. he tries climbing out of the grocery cart--every single time we go to the store--at least once. he eats anything and everything and will shove as much as humanly possible in his mouth at a mom and i always say that he'll be the death of me. i love him so much but the kiddo keeps you on your toes. i worry about him when i haven't heard/seen him for 2 seconds.

i constantly wonder what he'll discover today, tomorrow, in 2 minutes--regardless of peanut's impending arrival; regardless of me being pregnant. bubba? now i think he will fall into the roll of big brother perfectly. he loves to help. he loves babies and he's a very nurturing and empathetic little guy. and pooks, don't get me wrong, i think he'll do okay with the baby too. he might be a little to rough at time, or try force feeding him goldfish but i think he'll be okay. i don't think he'll be TOO jealous---but i do think that he will continue to be his ornery self.

THAT makes me nervous about having 3 so close in age, or 3 boys in general.

case in point--the following pictures:

i filed ravioli in the ''never again'' category

look closely, it's in his EAR!

later that day...

"'s not around, i think i'll have some dried fruit. don't mind if i do!"
"what? me? i don't have anything"

oh and i have to point out, that before pooks, i saw NO reason to make onesies up to size 24mos. i would think ''what the hell 2 year old needs a onesie? put the kid in real clothes."

then i had pooks.

not only does he try to take off his diaper if you don't put bottoms on him, but he has now discovered how to reach into his pants/shorts and UNDO the diaper tabs. from my point of view, his diaper is on, his pants are on--no problem. but when he pee's it leaks EVERYWHERE because come to find out the diaper isn't actually attached. its there but not ''there'' where it needs to be.

"hi, my name is Shannon and I now *have* to buy onesies in 18mos size."


  1. Its funny that you talk about the onesie- I had to buy onsies until Big Z was potty training- she would pull her diaper off and get nakkid if she didn't have a onsie on. lol

  2. Love it! Pooks WILL be the death of you for sure! Let's hope peanut doesn't turn out just like him!

  3. Hallerious!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be great S!!!!!


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