Monday, August 4, 2008

update on peanut!

well i haven't posted in a few days, because we're at nanaw and papa's house. we came down for nanaw's birthday, and for a few dr appts that B and myself had today. B is getting a cortizone shot in his ankle--yikes!

i had an ob appt today with Dr. P to check up on peanut. everything looks great! peanut's heartbeat was 143bpm, my uterus is measuring a little big but he said the baby was normal size. it's normal for the uterus to stretch out a bit with subsequent preganacies apparently. anyways, peanut is moving around regularly and i've started to feel quite a few stong kicks and bumps and punches. he has plenty of room in there for now!

oh, as for me-i'm normal. :)

i've gained 9lbs so far, which is right on track! i should have gained between 8-14lbs and obviously i'm right in there! if i gain 1lb a week for the remaining weeks, i should have a total weight gain of 24lbs, and Dr P said that was perfect. know what else was perfect?! my blood pressure! *yay* we're thinking that the one high reading, must have been a fluke afterall; every reading since then has been normal, my jug o' urine tested out fine, and every time i've taken a reading at home it's been perfect. we're talking 120/70---big improvement from 162/88 or whatever it was that last time!

the boys are having a blast at nanaw & papa's house! running around acting like maniacs, lol. bubba loves having nanaw do his hair in the mornings, pooks loves the toys and the attention and the food! they run around with uncle M and climb on papa and stay up late. i think the last 2 nights bubba went to bed close to, if not after, midnight! to say the least they are spoiled! but all good things come to an end, we're going back to our house this afternoon. we'll be back in 2 weekends though!

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  1. Loved seeing you and the boys yesterday. It's been too long!


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