Friday, August 29, 2008

update on peanut and I

my OB appt went well! i'm up 11lbs, which is good/normal. a pound a week is expected from here on out, so we shall see! my BP was perfect 133/69 and there was no protein in my urine, so that means that the elevated blood pressure before was a fluke...thank goodness!! there would be no way for me to be on bed rest and take care of bubba and pooks. no worries there.

peanut had a good strong heartbeat. bubba went to my appt with me, so he got to hear it. he seemed to think it was pretty cool. in the ultrasound from before, peanut was measuring about 5 days bigger than ''average''. Dr P isn't worried or concerned at all and we're not changing my due date or anything. today when he measured my uterus he said i was measuring closer to 27 weeks but thats normal with subsequent pregnancies. overall, we're normal :)

i'll take a belly pic when i get home, there are no number magnets at nanaw and papa's house!

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  1. Way to go S!!! Great job for you and Peanut!!!!!!!!!!!!


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