Monday, August 25, 2008

i can't believe...

that i'm 24 weeks along already!

i know i saw the ultrasound, i know they say it's a boy and i know i saw what looked like boy parts BUT this pregnancy could not be any more opposite than my other two! its so mind-boggling!

first of all, i have NONE of the same symptoms. with bubba and pooks, i had horrible morning sickness into my 2nd trimester. with this pregnancy i haven't been sick. i've had horrible heartburn, which i had bouts of with the boys but nothing like now. i'm taking prilosec everyday! otherwise, i can seriously barely function i am in so much pain, regardless of what i eat.

then, there is the way i'm carrying. here is an old kinda-grainy pic of 24 weeks with pooks.
i feel like i'm carrying this baby much higher than i did with him, and i carried bubba extremely low too. this time my hips are spreading which never happened before. i know this because my jeans that fit through the other pregnancies, i can't even get up over my hips! i've gained about 10 lbs (idk, i have an appt on friday), so why the heck is everything so different, if it is indeed another boy!?

i just don't get it. and i'm not in denial. i'm okay with having another boy. heck i've already bought stuff for him and other than not picking a dang name, we're almost ready! so why so much doubt??


  1. I think there is suppose to be a pic at the top but for some reason it is an x instead. I would like to see your 24 wk pic with this pregnancy.


  2. Well now!!!! Maybe B will have his little daughter afterall????!!!! IDK either!!!!
    I know this - that baby will be loved no matter what - !!!


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