Monday, August 11, 2008

so i bought the boys...

a baby doll. boys can have dolls right?

the last few playdates we've had, pooks has a habit of playing with the baby dolls. he like giving them kisses. he loses intrest after a couple minutes but i figure with a new baby on the way, maybe a doll will be good. we can lay it down for naps, hold it nicely, be gentle, etc.

of course, this is pooks and this may blow up in my face but i can hope right? besides i didn't get him like a $20 doll with accessories; its a little $5 baby with a beanie like body and plastic face. i even made sure not to get the one with a hat or eyelashes, because i see these gets pulled off and lost.

i told B to get over it. its just an at home toy--i'm not going to let him take it to the store or anything. but we have a shopping cart that the boys can push it in and i think they'll like it. while the purchase was made for pooks, i'm sure bubba will love on it just as much. we shall see. if they play with it tomorrow, i'll get pics.

and honestly, i don't a(nd probably won't) have any girls, so is one doll really that bad in a sea of thomas the tank engine, tonka, diego, cars, legos and trucks?


  1. S, I really hope you keep having babies! I also really hope one of those babies are girls!!! Her older brothers will be watching out for their sisters!! I am very happy you have your boys! You are very blessed S and I'm thankful I'm able to see the pics as the boys and your belly grows!!

  2. ok- So I totally debated, in the store about little hot wheel cars.... They were red and purple- they both like red and purple.... but I just couldn't buy them... they are a boy toy... lol
    and now i wish i had bought them- when i arrived home, they were pretending their blocks were cars. They would have loved the cars.


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