Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Project: Pictures!

i feel like lately i've done a great job of updating, but i haven't updated very many pictures. well that's about to change! here are a bunch of pictures from over the last week or so.

here is pooks, all smiley after an oreo
similar to the above, except i think he looks a lot like me as a baby, in this pic!
a few bath time pics: bubba being a ham
awhile back i shared some of bubba's artwork. well i thought i would show what he's up to coloring now. he hasn't colored on the walls in months (thank goodness!), and he's really into coloring books. his newest thing is trying to color all the small little details.

he does a pretty good job, as demonstrated on Pablo and Austin's sheild
in yesterday's post, i talked about coming home for nanaw's birthday. here are a few pictures of nanaw opening her gift from us. (pooks was asleep, we didn't get there til 10pm)

and admiring the gift: a scrapbook style brag book! i had won a gift card to Sassy Style Designs and used my gift to make nanaws. Jen did a great job, check her out at sassystyledesigns.org!
and last but not least, breakfast this morning! both boys slept in late. (*woohoo*) pooks woke up around 8:40am and bubba slept til 9:05am! that is LATE in our house! well pooks was eating breakfast when bubba woke up, so bubba went straight over to his chair too. he wanted fruity pebbles so i pour him a bowl. as i'm getting his juice and re-filling pooks' milk (the kid is a camel, but i digress) he apparently decided he wasn't quite ready to eat yet.
yep, he's asleep. i sat there for a minute trying to figure out if he was asleep or looking at his cereal. but he was out. once i took the picture the flash woke him up, and he still took him 45min to eat his cereal. poor kid! apparently staying up til midnight at nanaw and papa's wasnt such a good idea afterall!

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  1. Again, great pics! Coloring, etc! Obviously these kids have mega love in their life. You are the best mom S!!


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