Tuesday, August 26, 2008

one of THOSE days...

i'll start with a big *sigh*

its just a little past lunch now and already i wish i could curl up in bed. the day started out okay. the boys slept til 7:50am. 2 diapers changed and then it was time for breakfast. i had a cup of coffee and checked my email while they ate their cereal, yogurt and fruit. sounds okay, right?

then pooks dumped his cereal all over the floor. no big deal, i clean it up. then bubba dumps all his yogurt in his cereal then decides that its 'icky' and won't eat it. he wants goldfish. i told him to get down, he'd have a snack in a bit.

i'm washing off the booster trays when bubba comes up to me, pointing to his butt and says ''me poo'd". okay. so i go and change him. well for whatever reason, he had diarrhea. not pleasant for either of us, esp when preggo, but i deal with it. come back out to the living room and pooks is clinging to me like velcro. wants me to pick him up, so i do. i make the mistake of trying to sit on the couch with him--nope. he wants me to stand. well i figure he's probably a bit fussy since he had to get those 2 shots yesterday. maybe his legs are sore or something? so i hold him for a bit. he starts leaning against me and playing with my hair. which means: he's tired. its 8:45am but okay, i'll lay him down for a nap.

he goes down without a peep. i come back to the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes. bubba still wants fish so i get him a snack bowl and he has his crackers. he settles down and watches 'wonder pets' while i finish the dishes (3rd attempt) and start some laundry. i go into the living room and guess who ''poo'd'' again? yeah. so i don't know why. he's acting fine, no fever, didn't eat anything odd yesterday---IDK. so i change him.

by now its 9:30. i dont know if he is ''sick'' or doesn't feel good or what. pooks is still asleep and we're suppose to go to playgroup at 10:45, but we have to leave no later than 10:15. its not going to happen. so scratch that idea, so much for storytime.

bubba and i snuggle up and watch 'jon and kate + 8'. by 11am pooks is still sleeping and i'm feeling kinda crappy myself. just sluggish and tired, although i got plenty of sleep. bubba pretty much played by himself and we read books til 11:45 when pooks finally woke up...with a dirty diaper.

peachy. so that makes 3 #2's in less than 4 hours. lovely. just how everyone dreams of spending their morning, right?

the boys play for a bit while i figure out the whole lunch thing. obviously we don't want anything to heavy since they both are having digestive ''issues''. i opt to fix our version of ''ramen noodles'' (we were out of Campbell's chicken and noodles). our version includes the ramen noodles, pretty much drained of broth, cooked with frozen peas and carrots with only 1/2 the seasoning packet mixed in. not exactly healthy but not horrible. pooks devoured his, bubba kept throwing his while they both laughed hysterically at this.

when lunch is finally over, they go play while i clean up the kitchen. noodles are everywhere. all over pooks body, over both chairs, the floor, there is a fork under the table and peas mashed into booster seats. call in the dogs! they clean up the floor while i work on the chairs. i move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and wash all the dishes and random sippy cups that seem to end up everywhere.

when i return to the playroom, i find that the boys tipped over every single ride on (which includes a car, a firetruck, and elmo ride on, a pooh ride on, a cozy coupe, a vTech ride one, a fisher price ride on and one shopping cart--yes our playroom looks like somesort of toy garage). they are playing with the wheels, laughing and having a good time. sounds like fun except for the STENCH in the room.

yep, bubba again. diaper change #4.

by 1:20pm it is naptime. i change both boys, lay them down, read 2 stories and leave the room. 35 mins later i finally hear silence. i need to go peek in on them, then i'm taking a nap!

so those people that think being a stay at home mom is all naps, bubbles and coloring--dead wrong. it is sometimes those things; mixed in with boo-boos, poop, goldfish crumbs, noodle residue, fighting, sippy cups leaking and dogs barking.

i love it and wouldn't change jobs for the world, although i wish i could occasionally play hookie ;)

only 6 hours til bedtime *sigh*


  1. Ya, I get that - there are some days that.........it is just breaktime!!!!!! You are a great mom S - no matter what you are doing, no matter what chore you are doing, no matter if it is fun or not, you are truly one of the best mom's I've ever seen. Days like this remind us of the awesome days in the park!

  2. S-
    That sounds like my day on the weekends, don't know how you can do it 7 days a week. I had to laugh about the dogs. I send mine outside or into "their" room when G eats because they think they need to help him. Once he's done...here comes the clean-up crew. They are just so dang happy.
    Hope your day goes smoother and that Bubba's digestive issues clear up.

  3. Oh I can soooo relate! I count down until 6:16pm when DH gets home and then count down again until 8pm bedtime! It's exhausting isn't it? I don't know how you do it being pregnant too!
    Jana G.


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