Thursday, August 7, 2008

my moronic mommy moment

i can't even believe that i did this. first off, everyone is okay. i say this because i know as you read the story, you may be thinking ''oh my gosh" but it all ends well.

i have had a horrible headache today; it might even be a migraine. around 4:30ish i started vomiting. no problem, B was on his way home already. he brought home tylenol and he fixed the kids dinner. they had been eating for a bit when i decided that i'd try to eat some soup.

okay, well we don't have any chicken noodle soup. we have ramen noodles. i figure there is a good chance i may throw it up anyways, so ramen it is. i start the water on high to boil. B finishes eating dinner and decided to hurry up and mow the yard before it rains. so he goes outside.

pooks is all done so i proceed to clean him up. not an easy task when he is covered in lo mein noodles! i get him cleaned off and as soon as his little feet hit the ground, i hear the water on the stove start to boil over. i rush over to get to the stove before pooks does. i stand right at the corner blocking the stove, so on the off chance that pooks followed me, he doesn't get hurt. in my hastiness, i turn off the burner and lift the saucepan, so it will stop boiling over.

that was my biggest mistake.

in my hurry to lift the saucepan, i inadvertantly tipped it. next thing i know my stomach is BURNING hot. i look down and i didn't even realize it, but water had boiled over and spilt out the side and landed on my t-shirt. so i set the sauce pan down on the counter and rip my shirt off.

my tummy already had bright red marks on it.

i immediatly wet several paper towels with cold water and pressed them against my belly. i was not (and i'm still not) worried about peanut. the water landed above my belly button and i know that at 22 weeks, my uterus is only about an inch above my belly button. i'm sure he is fine. pooks is fine, he was feeding the dogs food off the floor--he was no where near the stove. bubba was still in his chair.

my tummy however, hurts like hell. i'm pretty sure it may be a 2nd degree burn. it did blister up, but there are no open wounds or anything. i checked mayoclinic and it said to use cold compresses, then take an OTC pain reliever. well i already took a tylenol so i'm screwed there. i've been keeping my shirt up over the burn, so its airing out and not being irritated.

here are 2 pics. not the best, but you can kinda see how big the area is and how high up it is.
in this one you can see the blistering area. i took this right after it happened.
as for now, the general redness has faded. the 2 larger blisters and bubbly and bright red but the skin around it is not. i'm okay. i'm wondering how the hell i'll sleep, since i still sleep 1/2 on my tummy, 1/2 on a pillow.


oh yeah, and ignore my belly button. you can see the hole from my belly ring and then my actual belly button that is very shallow. (plus it has several scars inside from my endo surgeries.) pretty sure its turning into an outie but that is the least of my problems right now.


  1. Oh! I know I've done the same thing - running to the stove when something boils over to save little H from the danger. I'm sorry to hear you got burnt and I hope it heals up nice and fast for you!

  2. OUCH! Hope it feels better soon and glad no one else was hurt.

  3. S, I'm glad you weren't hurt worse! I'm grateful your kiddos were not hurt either!! Take care of yourself!! Aloe Vera I hear works nicely.


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