Saturday, August 23, 2008

the most "kid-friendly" restaurant award goes to...



(more about that in a second.)

we had a very busy day today! the boys slept in til 8:45am, then we were scurrying around to get ready and out the door before 10am. i made waffles for breakfast with our new waffle iron (which mom, I *love* it!), then we headed to old navy. O.N. was having a one-day only sale on denim jeans. all kids jeans were $7 and adults were $12. since my ever growing belly is getting larger by the day and since i've never been this preggo in winter before, i needed jeans. $12 just can't be beat, even if it means getting there right when they open. i managed to snag 2 pairs for me and one for pooks (the limit was 3 per customer). not too shabby.

next we were off to the park for a playdate. i love it when B can go with us, because then we can each watch one kid and pooks eats a lot less sand this way. the boys had a lot of fun, bubba even shared his soccer ball with the other lil' guys! pooks climbed up on the big kids equipment all by himself! once the boys were good and sweaty, we went to the pond to see the ducks. we fed some attack ducks, who apparently were starving. pooks was running up to them trying to catch them and they didn't even care; they were WAY more concerned about getting a piece of bread. at one point a duck was physically 'chewing' on pooks fingers, as in his fingers were in the ducks beak, and neither the duck nor pooks was even phased.

after washing their hands (can we say 'ewww'?) we decided to finish off the morning with lunch at red robin. we've been there twice before and i love how kid-friendly it is; they can be loud and messy and nobody notices! they get balloons and crayons and they are pretty happy campers. while i've always been impressed, today was great!

firstoff, our waiter brought out a basket of fries with our drinks. this is a life saver because naturally the second we sit down in the booth, the kids are ready to eat. they have bottomless fries so he [the waiter] assumed that it would be appreciated and it was!

secondly, the boys usually split a kids meal when we are out. i told the waiter that they would be sharing a kids meal, but could we go ahead and get them each a drink? he said "sure, they're free. what would they like?" AWESOME! so they each got a cup of apple juice and he was smart enough to know NOT to fill the cup to the brim. (when they do that, the boys tip the cup to drink from the straw and spill liquid all over themselves. this happens about 85% of the time we go out to eat). okay, so we're settled with drinks and fries and we order. bubba had decided on pizza (even though i really tried to convince him that he wanted grilled chicken with Parmesan noodles), pizza prevailed.

so about 10 mins later, the boys are enjoying their fries and coloring when our food comes out. great timing! but here is my favorite part, and the icing on the cake:

they had already pre-split the pizza into 2 baskets, each pizza was already cut into small pieces AND each had a helping of apple slices. now to those without kids, or whose kids are grown or too young you may be saying ''so what?" but as a parent who NEVER gets to eat their own food while its hot, it was like Christmas morning! the boys food was already slightly cooled and completely ready to eat. (well except pooks', B cut it into smaller bites).

both B and myself got to eat our food while it was hot and yummy! when i took a bite of my A1 Peppercorn burger--the onion strings were still hot! i'm telling you it was amazing! he even remembered extra limes for B (who ordered some mexican themed grilled chicken platter), extra napkins for the kids and refilled our drinks without being asked. he was like a waiter from heaven!

lunch went as smooth as silk! we were in and out in less than an hour (un-heard of at a sit-down place), both boys got balloons and fell asleep on the car ride home. once home, we took a family nap from 1:30-4:00! i felt like a new person.

overall, it was a picture perfect saturday! the only time that i actually took pics however, was at red robin.

enjoy :)

bubba eating his pizza, which was ''yummmm"

my newest favorite pic of pooks, and yes he has a lime in his hair

bubba smiling (ignore B's arm)

pooks smiling, lol.
he was SUPER excited to snag a lime off of daddy's plate...

until he ate it! apparently it didn't taste as good as it looked ;)


  1. First off who would have thought that pooks wouldn't like limes when he loves sand. Silly boy...........Papa said he bet the crazy baby still tried eating it.
    Sissy you nut, no camera while feeding the ducks. You are truly a silly duck.

  2. Sounds like Red Robin is the place of your dreams. Glad it was such an enjoyable day.

  3. What an awesome family experience!!! S&B - totally rock it up - both of your are extraordinary people and the love you have for your family is amazing. Thank you for keeping up with the blog, thank you for sharing your pics and life!


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