Monday, August 18, 2008

if i had a daughter...

i think she would look like this:

LOL. earlier i was changing pooks' diaper and he was playing with my headband. well he decided he was going to wear it! he actually got it on his head but the band was in front of his ears. i fixed it and he was more than content to keep it on. nanaw commented that if i had a girl, she would look like him. "with those curls and a cute headband" i snapped a few pics before i took it off. he is adorable either way but the man can pull off a headband!

as long as i'm talking about hair, i'll share some bubba pics. he got a haircut today. (at a hair place, not with B's clippers). he did very good overall. he was shy, so he kinda hunched down like he didn't have a neck but he never screamed/cried/tried getting down, etc.

here is a before pic from last thursday. he was coloring with real markers for the first time. but you can see how...big? fluffy? overgrown? his hair was:
and then from today. you will have to ignore the cheesy face and the pizza sauce on his cheek. its not the best picture, but its the only one for now.
we are still at nanaw and papa's house, and the boys are enjoying every minute of it. they act like wild and crazy kids, LOL. pooks keeps throwing thing away in the trash. let me re-word that, he keeps throwing NON-trash items a saucepan lid, binky, shoes, etc. so you have to watch him like a hawk, and double check the trash before you throw anything away.

bubba has nanaw wrapped around his little finger. he started saying ''pepsi'' which is what nanaw is usually drinking, and of course she thinks it is SO cute so she lets him have a drink. he's hopped up on caffenine for sure! between that and cookies, he's on a sugar high.

oh well, it's fun while it lasts!

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