Friday, August 15, 2008

death warmed over...

it's been a couple days since i last posted and i thought i'd update.

basically, i feel like death. i felt sick to my stomach wednesday and the only thing i ate all day was a piece of cheese pizza. (healthy i know) but it was all i could keep down.

thursday i woke up and felt fine. i made waffles for breakfast, ran some errands with a boys and went to lunch with B. we came home and the boys and i took a long nap. when i woke up from our nap---it was not good. even though it had been 5 hours since lunch, i apparently hadn't begun digesting it yet because it all came back up. from then on, i was sick all evening. i couldn't keep sips of water down, it was horrible. luckily B was home, so he fed and bathed the kids while i worshiped the porcelain God. i was like a pale sweaty zombie on the couch. i am not even exaggerating when i say that EVERY time i got up, i was sick. this lasted until almost 2am when i crawled (literally) into bed. i didn't move, i didn't even try to get comfy. i just laid down on my side facing a trashcan.

i slept straight until 8am when bubba woke me up. this morning, i have yet to try to eat anything solid. although, i didn't throw up stomach bile, so we're up one from last night! i did have (and so far, i have kept down) 1/2 of a graham cracker and a few sips of sprite. mostly i feel like an elephant sat on my chest. just really sore and it feels like bad heartburn/indigestion. as soon as pooks wakes up, i'm going to run to the store and get some soup. i'm hoping i can at least keep that down.

it must be a stomach first i thought food poisioning, but i've eaten the exact same thing as the kiddos and neither of them have been sick at all. i don't know how i was the lucky one, but at least it seems to be getting better.

tonight we are headed to nanaw and papa's house for about 5 days. B has to be out of state for work, so i figure we'll hang out there. the boys will have a ton of fun, nanaw and papa seem to get a kick out of them, and i'll even get a little help watching them! i'll try to take the laptop so i can update adn stuff. hopefully i start feeling better soon because a 2 hour car-ride is NOT sounding appealing right now.


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  1. Wholly cow S!!!! I'm sending healing thoughts your way and hope you are feeling better soon!!! I'm thankful B is there to help with the kids and you!!! Have fun with the folks and I look forward to pics you post!


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