Saturday, August 9, 2008

boys and their toys

today bubba and i went out looking for deals. for the first time in my 'adult' life, i went out specifically to look at garage sales! i have occasionally stopped when driving by, when something looked interesting; today however it was our mission. with (soon to be) 3 boys, i wanted to find some outdoor toys without spending a bunch. obviously they are just going to get beat up, fought over, left out in the rain, etc. i also wanted to try to find a toddler bed for bubba to use once the baby gets here. (i would buy a new mattress-duh!) anyways, the first place we stopped bubba scored a toy lawn mower for 75 cents! we kept going, hit a couple duds then found one with a really nice wooden toddler bed. we got out only to find out it was already sold. i decided we were done. it was noon and we had gotten too late of a start. we came home and he showed off his mower.

well smart cookie that i am, i thought i'd check out craigslist. it rained today, so i assumed that maybe some people had to cancel their garage sales and were listing things online. bingo! found a lady selling a TON of little tikes toys. the 'cozy coupe' however caught my eye. they sell for $50 brand new and her's looked brand new--for $20! the only 'downside' was it doesn't have decals. they never put them on, then lost them.

like bubba knows that? i think not. so i went and picked it up and viola, instant new toy. (okay, not really instant. i washed it off with Dawn out in the driveway, dried it off and then let him have it. the chick had cats and i'm allergic so i had to clean that thing ASAP before putting it in the house.) bubba was EXSTATIC. you would have thought it was Christmas. he played on it all day. B was convinced that he was going to sleep in the thing.

doesn't he look SO happy?

the only problem is poor lil pooks. he's really too little to make it go, but he want to play with it. bubba is more than happy to let pooks ride in it WITH him, but he doesn't want pooks in it alone. pooks however wants in it alone and if you put him in it WITH bubba he has a meltdown.

anyone know where i can get a 2nd cozy coupe for cheap?
on the plus side, bubba was more than generous to share his ''old'' ride-on with his brother!

lol. it did get better as the night went on and the newness wore off. heck 5 hours after he got it, bubba let pooks sit in it all by himself ;) yes it was right before bedtime and only for about 7 minutes but pooks was happy, bubba was happy so mommy was happy.

oh, and a small update on my belly. it is doing better! i just have 2 burn marks/blisters. one about the size of a quarter and one the size of a dime. they did blister up but never popped or anything. B is convinced that i will scar, and i probably will. kinda sucks since my belly is stretching while it's healing. that will be a great stetched out ramen noodle scar. LOL. oh well, baby is safe, i'm safe and pooks was safe, so its okay in the long run. here is my 22 week belly pic.


  1. Very cute pic's...... I knew bubba would share evenually. Better late than never. I will be on the look out for another car. love you guys


  2. More great pics! Your boys are delightful! S, you must have a very awesome mom, because you are the bomb!


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