Monday, July 21, 2008


B fixed my camera!!

well, i hadn't even posted about it breaking so let me back up. 2 nights ago we were on our way out the door to go to the park and i grabbed my lovely DSLR that rocks hoping to get some more cute pics of the boys together. well i set it on the end table by the door then turned around to grab the water bottle off of the kitchen table. well in that 10second time span pooks grabbed the camera strap, thus causing the camera to fall and land on the floor. it only fell about a foot and landed on carpet but it was acting all screwy. it wouldn't focus at all. there was no visual turned on and everything but when you went to take a pic, esp in auto focus, nothing happened.

i was heartbroken. i spent over an hour yesterday playing with settings hoping it was something that just got changed. well, to no avail i couldn't get it to work. i googled it, asked about it on a photography forum, etc and everything was pointing to the lens. which would be about $150 to replace (brand new)---while is 1/4 of the cost of the camera body, its still not very reassuring.

B was all ' 'i've told you to be more careful, i'm sorry it happened but it was bound too...the strap is always hanging down....i couldn't get to him quick enough....etc''. well then he offered to fix it. now if you know me, and you know my husband, this isn't neccessarily always a reassuring thing. i love him and appreciate the offer but he doesn't have the highest patience level while fixing things. well, i don't know what he did but the camera works! he said something about the end of the lens feeling loose, he jiggled it and viola -- the camera works again! it focuses and works great!

was it skill or luck....i'll let you decide ;)

regardless, there will be new pictures tomorrow!

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  1. B to the rescue! Fixed the dig and know you are back up and running. I'm so glad!!!...and happy for you!


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