Monday, July 7, 2008

update on baby tictac

had my 17wk check-up today. total so far I have gained 6lbs, the baby's HB was 148 and I had my blood drawn for the quad screen. the kinda bad news, my blood pressure was high...twice they checked and the lowest was 162/84. Dr P wasn't so worried about the bottom #, but the top # is a little high for this stage in pregnancy. i have to do a 24hr urine collection and turn that in on the 18th. the good news is that on the 18th they are also doing my ultrasound. (woohoo!)

the main reason that i am really concerned about my blood pressure is because I had PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) when pregnant with bubba and I was on bed-rest from 29weeks on. I had to do the urine collections and NST's and u/s. i had to be induced right at 37wks. my OB thinks I have what is called chronic PIH, for whatever reason I didn't have it with pooks , but I seem to have it now. right now I have to do the urine test, then I have a bp check on the 18th with my lab and sono. depending on what my BP is then, I may have to go on medication for my BP in an effort to carry the baby full term and avoid bedrest.


its overwhelming! right now i'm trying to not stress and I hope its a fluke but I'm prepared in case its not. i'm trying to focus on the fact that in 11 days, we will hopefully find out the baby's sex!

anyways, thats my update. whew!


  1. my prayers are with you! I had high BP during my first pregnancy- and ended up in the high risk catagory. I never needed meds, or bedrest, but remember going through all the other tests! Its a pain! But whatever keeps you and the baby safe!

  2. You are going to do great! 11 pound baby or 6 pound baby! You are a true mom and you'll be great in 9 hours of labor or 16 hours of labor! You are a trooper and I know you love your family!


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