Thursday, July 3, 2008

ride on!

today we went to an amusement park! woohoo! the kids had so much fun. the park had a kiddie section strictly meant for kids until 54". they even rode most of the rides by themselves! bubba was about 1.5 inches too short for 3-4 rides. the bumper cars he couldn't ride, this one that spins that he wanted to ride, he was too short for. alot of the rides he could ride by himself, even pooks could! several you could ride with "a responsible adult'' regardless of height, but a few of them you had to be 36' tall and have an adult. here are several pics. i took my old dig camera, so they aren't that good of quality. B taped a lot of it but i haven't watched or uploaded any of that. enjoy ;)
a very blurry picture of them driving
pooks was more than happy to play passenger (in a boat)
out for a drive
in the 2nd car, 1st seat--there is B and bubba

driving another the backseat
the first ride they rode...a choo choo
the boys meeting snoopy. pooks LOVED him. everywhere throughout the park where there was a snoopy, he would try to jump out of the stroller.
bubba riding a motorcycle

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  1. My boys are getting so big, driving and all. Time just flys. haha They looked like they had a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing more.
    Loveya, nanaw


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