Wednesday, July 2, 2008

pictures from our meet up!

today was day one of our vacay! i belong to an online parenting site, and over the last 2 years have become really close to some of the moms and their little ones. well, today we were fortunate enough to be able to meet up! myself and the boys met up with another mommy, her husband and her beautiful daughter. L is the same age as pooks (well about 2 wks older) but surprisingly shy lil' bubba was the one making moves,lol. he let L kiss "arf", he gave her hugs, followed her around, and for about 5 seconds he even held her hand. *insert "awwww" here* the kiddos had so much fun, and we parents did too ;)

here are a few pics:
the whole Group
the kiddos coloring
pooks and L
L and bubba ( they really hit it off...bubba likes the younger girls)
me and M

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  1. I am so jealous that all you mommas are getting to meet! You both look great, looks like you had fun. Oh and all the kiddos are adorable, of course. Can't wait until it's my turn to meet some of you guys!


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