Friday, July 11, 2008

my blood pressure...

was 128/66!!

Woot! Woot! i took it with my home blood pressure cuff and that is an awesome reading! of course this is sitting on the loveseat surfing the net...i don't know how high its getting while i'm up and about with the kiddos though. i have to do my 24 hour urine collection next thursday and then my appt is friday. i am getting so incredibily anxious for my ultrasound. i don't have a gut feeling....part of me thinks its a boy. honestly though i wonder if i'm not sub-consciously telling myself that so that IF its a boy, i won't be so disappointed. i know that if its a girl, i'll freak out with excitement and probably drain our checking account with one shopping spree. lol. i already have my eye on some adorable fleece jumpers and sleepers that i saw at babies r us that were pink and brown polka dots. i have not allowed myself to buy anything other than unisex clothing for fear of jinxing myself.

anywho, here is my 18 week belly pic. i can't belive how big i'm getting. just for comparison i included other weeks too.

enjoy ;)

4 weeks...just found out9 weeks
14 weeks...hello 2nd trimester!
today, 18 weeks


  1. Somebody is sure getting to be a little fatty. Calm down sis I was talking about the baby:) Very cute pics

  2. Great shots of Peanut!!..oh yes, you too S!!!!!


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