Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how you can turn 1 oreo into 2

bubba discovered this today after he made a "happy plate", meaning he actually ate all of his lunch. now if you know bubba, he loves to eat. he snacks all day and loves healthy things. but when it comes to meals, he eats like a bird. well for lunch today, i made scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, toast and strawberries. (sandwiches get old fast, okay?) much to my surprise, he ate ALL of it, which in our house-at least for him-warrants a special treat. todays treat was a double stuff oreo.
i give him his oreo and proceeds, like any normal kid, to twist it apart. he then eats all the creme and is left with the 2 wafer sides. meanwhile, pooks finishes his plate so i give him 1 cookie. bubba leans over to pooks and says ''bra bra....ear'' (aka "brother, here?") and hands him both of his wafers. pooks grins from ear to ear, takes both cookies and proceeds to HAND HIS ENTIRE COOKIE over to bubba. grinning the entire time, and looks at me like ''hey mom, i had one cookie--now i have 2!)

"agh! what was i thinking?"

i look over at bubba who is happily twisting apart his 2nd oreo and begins eating the creme.

both kids are equally happy, neither feels jipped but i couldn't help but feel bad for poor lil naive pooks. (one could argue that he is greedy and say it as ''more'' cookie!?) once bubba realized he wasn't getting another, he happily ate the 2 sides of the 2nd cookies.

and that is how you turn 1 oreo into 2. or at least get to eat the creme from 2 cookies, while only eating one cookies.

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