Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Hey Ya'll"

today was a little rough. both kiddos were sick with low fevers and runny poo's. pooks was clingy, bubba was fussy and mama was tired! so i have a quick little story to share but no pics tonight.

after naptime today we came out into the living room. the boys were eating their snack (today bubba picked out nilla wafers) and i was watching food network. it was "Paulas Home Cooking" with Paula Deen. we don't normally watch it and we caught it in the middle but the boys weren't complaining so i left it on. she made a bacon cheeseburger meatloaf (which surprisingly looked delicious, and i hate meatloaf!), then some sort of soup, then before it cut to commercial, she showed what was ''coming up after the break.....a chocolate sybil cake". all the sudden out of the blue, pooks gets up, walks up to the tv and proceeds to say:

"mmmmm".......*5 seconds later, even louder*....."MMMMMMMM"

he then stands there through the ENTIRE commercial break, and when she comes back on with her ''Hey Ya'll" he clapped! when the camera panned to the chocolate cake again, he resumed his ''mmmmm'', getting louder and louder with each one. eyes never leaving the TV.

about this time B walks in (he'd just gotten off of work and happened to have stopped for some groceries) and pooks walks up to him going "MMMMM". B is laughing, i am laughing hysterically trying to explain to him that pooks probably thinks that B has a chocolate sybil cake in that bag. B says ''what?" so I rewind the show (thank you DVR) so the cake is on the screen again. I tell pooks to look at the tv and he proceeds to walk back to the TV, eyes never leaving it, going ''MMMMMM". i think he thought if he "MMMM'd" loud enough, Paula Deen might just give him a slice. LOL.

oh, if you're interested, here is the link to todays show, you can click on the cake to see a doesn't look that good in the picture but it did on tv!,1976,FOOD_10234_48206,00.html

and mom, if you wanna make the meatloaf, i will eat it! i would make it but the smell of mayo makes me gag, and the though of stirring up raw ground beef makes my stomach curl....but i'd be happy to eat it! ;)

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