Tuesday, July 22, 2008

guess who else is expecting???

pooks! lol. he thought he was hilarious walking around with a big 'ol belly. (aka soccer ball). he went in the living room to show bubba and accidentally gave birth on the way...
right as he got to bubba, his baby dropped--literally. he laughed and made his little snorty noise like it was just the funniest thing! i thought that it was adorable. he was just so excited about it.

oh and here is a number one sign that bubba will take good care of his lil' brothers:
he was shopping in the playroom but made sure that both ''arfs" were seated properly in the shopping cart. here is a picture of the stud:
i don't know if its my hormones or what, but he's just starting to look so grown up!

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  1. Yes! Love the pic of the Bubba. You and B have some great kids! I'm really happy for you!!! Can't wait for the next pregnancy...maybe a girl??!!!


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