Thursday, July 24, 2008

complete randomness

we didn't do a whole heck of a lot today. went to lunch with b, played outside, we read a TON of books, had breakfast for supper, then went to bed. overall a lazy day, but hey we got dressed. yesterday we didn't even do that ;)

tonight we let the boys play outside for a bit....not too long because bugs love our kids. they will get eaten alive regardless of how much bug spray you use. no joke. here are a few pics:

bubba was pretty excited to be on B's motorcycle! pooks was not :(
once they came inside it was time for bath and bed. i hadn't taken any bathtime pictures in awhile, so we did that too. these were my favs:

definitely excited!

awww....looking pretty grown up (he has 8 teeth now!)

the other thing i wanted to do was get a picture of me holding a naked pooks. we did this at 5 mos, then 10mos, and now he is a few weeks shy of 15mos old! YIKES!!! he sure has gotten big!

5 months old

10 mos old

today, almost 15mos old


  1. What fun pics. They are really growing up fast. Can't wait for my birthday so i can see the little guys. Nanaw really misses them, you guys to, of course.

  2. Pooks is getting so tall. Wonder where that comes from? Lord knows he didn't get it from his parents!

  3. I love your blog...your family is so adorable!

  4. When are you and B going for a hot date on that bike? Love the bike!

  5. ok ok, Love the pics too! You really should take your talent to the next level! I love being able to see your pics, stay current in your life, and watch the kids grow.


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