Saturday, July 26, 2008

1/2 way there!

well, probably over 1/2 way. since i had bubba and pooks around 37 weeks, i'm assuming that this lil guy will be the same way. YIKES! to think we'll have another little baby in almost 4 months...this pregnancy is flying by!

oh, i had a dream last night that we named this baby "peanut". obviously i am not really going to name our child peanut, but i figure for now it could be his blog name...i'm kinda over saying 'this baby' 'baby boy' or 'baby #3". if jon and kate +8 don't need to number their kids, i sure as heck don't need to be numbering mine, lol!

speaking of names, you may have noticed that i added a poll to the right. i am asking you to vote for which name you think would be best for peanut. we thought we had it narrowed down, but since seeing him on the ultrasound and feeling him move--well, i'm just not sure. while i think all the names are cute, obviously his name needs to be more than just ''cute''. i have my favorite, as does B, now i'm asking for yours! leave a comment in this post if you'd like, i'd love to hear reasoning as to why that name would be best. and if you are my brother and dislike all the names, please refrain from commenting! oh and by the way the middle name is looking like "ray" for family reasons; it is my middle name, my mom's grandpa's middle name as well as my papa's middle name.

(disclaimer: although you will all be able so see which name wins the poll, i will not blog about the name we ultimately chose. if you'd like to know ask either myself, B, or nanaw. we will all know when we finally narrow it down. additionally just because a name wins on the poll, does not mean we will automatically choose it. we are simply asking for imput, not for you to name our offspring *wink*)
so, i've been online shopping for peanut and between B and myself, we've decided on several things. first off, he doesn't need much (obviously)! i've been buying cute baby clothes on sale/clearance as i see them, because i sold ALL of our newborn-6mos clothing on craigslist way back in Jan. i thought we weren't going to be having more kids for a few years, so why hold on to all these hand-me-downs for that long? esp when we don't even know if the gender/season would line up. well anyways, i made awesome money but now i'm back to square one on the baby clothes! its been alot of fun shopping for tiny little things again...i'll try to take a picture of my stash sometime!

well with bubba the theme of his nursery bedding and overall baby theme was 'safari animals'. with pooks we chose ''dinosaurs'', dinosaur bedding and little dinosaur stuffed animals. this time we've chose ''pirates'', lol. there are so many cute pirate themed items out there right now! we got some onesies from carters, a gown/cap/blanket set from target, and even found pirate bedding:
how cute is that!?

really the only other thing we have to have, is a car seat. not too much. oh and we were looking at getting a new pack and play with a built in play mat/play bars. something like this: that way peanut can have a space to play without bubba and pooks stealing his things, and also we won't have to cart the current PnP back and forth to nanaw & papa's house. (especially since space will be limited in our ''van'')

anyways, i should mention that is said dream, not only did we name the baby peanut, but we were living back ''home''. lets hope that this is one dream that comes true!! (well except actually naming him peanut, lol!)


  1. Awww a pirate peanut. How cute! Thanks for the love on my blog

  2. Peyton and Conner are both cute names. Are you going to have a baby shower and register and baby r us? =]

  3. I think that you need to name the baby a name that ends in "y". Both Pooks and Bubba's names end in y. It's only fair :)

    P.S. I know that we're not supposed to vito names, but I'm not fond of Connor. Know a client with that name....enough said!

    Love the pirate theme. I'll have to start looking for cute pirate things for Peanut!

  4. Love the name Peanut for the blog.
    Love all the names you have picked!
    Love the pirate theme!
    You are the best mom!


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