Monday, June 30, 2008

you could win a FREE sara rose tutu!

we all remember how cute baby diva looked in her tutu, right?

well now you can win one of your own for FREE! you get to pick the colors too! its true, just check out this site:

you can enter up to 6 different times, just by doing easy-peezy stuff.

check it out, i tell no lies!


  1. I'm confused so I won't participate in this. I don't know what a sara rose tutu is.

    Good Day.

  2. Thanks for posting! But please submit a separate comment for each extra ticket you’re submitting. This will ensure that all your extra efforts are counted. Thank you!
    So if you would go back and put a separate comment for each ticket, that would make my life easier!
    Oh and I mailed out something for you over the weekend. Let me know when you get it!


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