Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Peter Potty?!

Lol, thats what its called and its working miracles in our house!

a "peter potty" is available at your local WM...in our case it was on clearance for $21 from $35. it is a toddler urinal. i know, i know, that doesn't exactly sound appealing. to you and me. but to two year old bubba that likes being a 'big boy' and going '' pee pee like dada" this is the coolest thing to enter our house, in his eyes. and in all honesty, it is pretty cool, lol. it really flushes and everything. here is a pic: the blue thing at the top is a resevoir and so is the green one at the bottom. obviously you fill the top with water, and after bubba pee's he pushes the green button. water flows from the top, to the bottom rinsing out the basin. then you just empty the green tank. viola! very simple and very cool for a 2 yr old. so far today, he's pee'd 5 times, he went twice last night after we bought it and he was dry all night!! heck ya!! we'll work on going #2 after we master #1!


okay, now that I'm done sharing the newest thing in our house, how about I share our newest pics? last weekend we were at nanaw's house (yet again!) and on saturday, we baby-sat baby diva. she is so cute and getting so big! here are a few pics of her with bubba. i didn't get any of her by herself, sorry!
being cheesy

a more serious pic.

oh and it should be known that baby diva smiles and giggles now! of course, she wouldn't do either once i started taking pics but she is becoming quite the little person! as long as i'm talking about not smiling for the camera, i have to share this one of pooks that i took this morning. it might have been too early for the flash just yet, lol.

and last but not least, a new belly pic. i called Dr.P's office yesterday and it looks like my ultrasound will be the last week in July. i have to be at least 20 weeks for him to get all the necessary measurements of the baby's stomach, femur, head, etc. so it looks like we have about 1 month til we know if its a sissy or a bro-bro. anyways, here is the little ones 'womb without a view' at 15.5 weeks!


  1. You are beautiful.

  2. wow P looks identical to your hubby!

  3. wow that is an adorable baby.. where does she get her looks from?? She must have a good looking mom j/k lol


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