Monday, June 30, 2008

holy crap!

timeout actually worked!?!

bubba has been a bear today. pushing pooks down, attempting to run him over with his ride-on firetruck, stealing and then hiding his sippy cup, etc. well after he tried to mow pooks down with the firetruck, he was on his 3rd strike. timeout.

[which usually timeout is a joke. not that i don't try, but it just doesn't work. he either keeps getting out of the chair (which is our rocker-glider in the corner of the boys bedroom), or he somehow finds a toy, or he actually enjoys get the idea.]

well this time i told him that he was going to timeout. he's not allowed to hit or run over his brother.

i picked him up, took him to his room, and sat him in the chair. i told him he had to sit until mommy told him he could get up. so after checking on pooks (who was okay but his leg was all red), he'd been in there about 2 minutes. i went in and explained to him that when he does things like hit or run over pooks, it gives pooks an boo-boo. and he knows how boo-boo's hurt. i told him that he could get up if he gave pooks a hug and told him 'sorry'.

he looked at me like 'you've got to be kidding'.

but he slid out of the chair, went to the living room, found pooks, gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then looked at me. i said 'thank you, you can play now'. and he went back to playing nicely.

wow. sometimes i amaze myself.


  1. You are a great mom! Discipline is hard! - even for adults, but this I know, the more you teach him now,and by the way, you are doing a killer job, the more respect he will have in his later years.

  2. Isn't it SO exciting when they actually listen? lol.


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