Tuesday, June 17, 2008

happy birthday to B!

today was b's birthday! yay!!

of course, he had to work but thats what happens when your birthday is on a weekday. while B was working, and pooks was napping, bubba and I made his ''cake''. if you know B, you know he doesn't like cake. so we made a cheesecake. okay, i'll admit it, it was a jello 'no-bake' cheesecake...hey i didn't have cream cheese and i wasn't goint to run to the store for just that! i'm a stay at home, not superwoman! i'm not waking a sleeping baby for cream cheese, lol

anyways, bubba loves watching people cook. in fact everytime i get out my mixer he says ''nanaw!?" because nanaw has a mixer just like it, and he watches her cook/bake too. he helped me add the milk, then he helped me up the speed. technically he also helped me clean up...by licking the spatula clean!

oh yeah, for b's birthday he wanted to go out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants then he wanted to take the boys to see 'kung fu panda'. so thats what we did. i must say the movie is very cute!! the boys behaved the entire time, there were no emergency food purchases, in fact bubba even told me in the middle of the movie that he had to potty! (YAY!!) he found the whole thing hilarious. he would hear the other kids laugh, so he'd laugh, then look at B and I to make sure we were laughing. he's so silly. pooks did well, even managed to steal and eat a few reese's pieces!

here are the pics. i didn't get any spectacular ones.

the decorations

bubba helping me showing ''Arf'' what we were making. (it was "hmmmm")
the finished product (after B blew out the candles)

oh and this pic was too freaking cute not to share. earlier today i was laying on the floor with the boys, watching backyardigans. all the sudden, un-related to anything, bubba rolls over and wants to kiss my belly. i bet he kissed the ''bebe'' at least 10 times. it was SO cute!

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  1. Happy Birthday B!!! And wholly cow, check out the kisses, what a darling picture. S, you are the best, and I don't care what anyone says, you are a super woman, super mom, super wife, super daughter, and super friend!


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