Sunday, June 29, 2008

corn on the cob...

the boys love it, and by ''boys'' i mean bubba, pooks, and B-LOL. pooks actually dug into the whole cob and would cry when B would take it away -just to turn it- then grin when he got it back. he's also learning how to use his spoon and was using it to eat steak, lol.

bubba is like a corn on the cob eating master. he's been eating it on the cob since he was like 15mos old. he's an ol' pro. here are the pics:

using his spoon:
oh and also my newest belly pic, 16 weeks and 1 day!


  1. my grandsons are freaking adorable. They are such little piggies too. Oh yeah my granddaughter(in the belly) sure is growing. Your other pics are very nice. Uncle M says he'll let you know what he thinks.

    Love Nanaw

  2. Love the pics - Corn on the Cob - yummy! Beautiful pic of the baby!


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