Sunday, May 4, 2008

UGH! I hate this place!!

My day pretty much sucked.

First off, the kids woke up at 6:25. Ridiculous.

Secondly, Pooks decided to skip his morning nap thus making him a whiner all day.

Thirdly, when we did leave the house this afternoon our goal was to go to BRU to look at strollers, then to the river walk to walk around with the kids and so they could see the ducks, then we were going to get a little ice cream, come home and I was going to make enchiladas for supper.

Here is how it really went:Went to BRU without a hitch, then went to the River walk. We only stayed about 25 mins because Pooks didn't want to sit in the wagon (thus why we're looking at strollers). We get up to our car, in the public parking lot of a popular, busy, city attraction at 4o'clock on a Sunday, to find our passenger window COMPLETELY shattered! Someone threw a BRICK through the window! Glass was everywhere, all in the car even in the backseat in the kids car seats! It was stuck in the a/c vents, all over the floor, the seats, stuck in the cracks of the other windows---everywhere. I was beyond pissed and emotional. So I call the cops and tell them that someone broke into our car, our location and she asks when it happened. I told her sometime in the last 25mins and she proceeds to tell me that she will get me a case number but unless something was stolen, they don't do anything. They don't even send an officer! Well this sent me in my pregnancy emotional state over the edge, I proceeded to cry and start to bitch to her ''what good are the cops for it they don't even come when a crime is committed? we are in super busy area, with lots of families and witnesses in a parking lot...etc" B took the phone and handled the cops. They agreed to send an officer out.

Meanwhile I had to call the insurance company, call the glass company and then start to clean the car. We had to uninstall the carseats and get all the shards of glass loose, clean off the kids seats, all of this with the brush end of our ice scraper! At and a half hours later, there was still no cop! I was fuming and we finally left. At 7pm they called us to see where we were at because they were on the scene but we weren't..DUH!

Nothing was stolen, which was surprising since the diaper bag with my wallet and cell phone were in the car (under the passenger seat), and they didn't break anything other than the window. The brick was sitting there on the passenger floor board. Luckily the glass company can come to our house and fix the car tomorrow between 8-5. PLEASE help me wish for no rain! we have no garage or carport and if it rains, they can't do it onsite. B already took the car to vaccum it out, and we put plastic over the window just incase it rains. (there is a 70% chance tomorrow afternoon for scattered thunderstorms.)

UGH, it was a long, tiring, crappy day. Actually, the river walk was fun until we got to the parking lot. Here are a few pics I took. In my crazy state I didn't think about taking pics of the car, but I wish I would have.
me and B
the boys watching the ducks (they kinda stole mom and dad's drinks)
the stupid statue we were looking at when our car got broken in to
pooks enjoying a lil' bit of Sonic


  1. The pictures are lovely, and im sorry about the incident and how it happen. Would you like me to hunt down those s.ob and tazer them? I'm kidding but i hope theres no rain and i hope tht you guys will have a better day.

  2. I'm really sorry about the car but I'm very relieved that you guys are all okay. To me that is the most important thing. The pictures are so cute. Hope tommorow goes better and they are able to replace the glass without a hitch.

    love, nanaw

  3. I am sorry to hear about your car! I know exactly how you feel. Someone had broken into our car in front of our apartment- a few years ago. They stole the radio... and damaged the door. And the PD said they just take the report and they do not respond. I was like, WTF, are you SERIOUS?!? So yeah... its rediculous. Pictures are adorable tho! Have you seen the pics Steff and My Brother took a few days ago? I was so excited!

  4. So, despite your horrible ending to the day, the pictures are SUPER cute!

  5. love the pics! Esp the one of Pooks with the sonic drink.. adorable!

  6. I am so sorry about your car - my gosh - I would of been really upset too.

    I'm glad no one got hurt!


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